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Digital Paintings

The subject matter for the works of Sofia's visual paintings use elements of nature and the environment, people and living as suggested by his music compositions and their multimedia applications. The paintings parallel the architectonic
sound-scapes with city-scapes and nature-scapes in expressionistic transcription.

1-20 BG-1014-SSA

2-20 CH-1009-SSA

3-20 CH-1010-SSA

4-20 FLG-1001-SSA

5-20 FLG-1003-SSA

6-20 CH-1009-SSA

7-20 CH-1010-SSA

8-20 FLG-1001-SSA

9-20 FLG-1003-SSA

10-20 CH-1009-SSA

11-20 CH-1010-SSA

12-20 FLG-1001-SSA

13-20 FLG-1003-SSA

14-20 CH-1009-SSA

15-20 CH-1010-SSA

16-20 FLG-1001-SSA

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Dr. Sal Sofia received a Doctorate in Musical Arts in Composition for Computer Music from the University of Washington, Seattle, a Master of Fine Arts in Composition and New Media from California Institute of the Arts, Valencia and a Bachelor of Arts in Music Science and Technology from the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls.

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