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Sal Sofia

Music and visual art composer of new media, deftly uses the computer as his instrument and brushes to realize his aesthetic imagery emphasizing perspectives of the psyche and its impact on humanity. He brings with him a breadth of artistic knowledge and experience beginning with his roots in the graphic, architectural and musical arts through his professional musician and publishing career culminating thus-far with his DMA (University of Washington, Seattle) in computer music composition. His works are described as "cinematic," musical and visual metaphor of artistic expression.

Dr. Sofia's compositional works include musicvideo 3D Computer Graphics and animation; his thesis and some of his electronic compositional works, "Reteplas", Three Movements (1997) and "Echoes from Mir" (1998), are published in The Csound Book/CD-ROM (1999) edited by Dr. Richard Boulanger published by MIT Press. His electronic Opera, "Charitas", premiered at the "Walt Disney" Modular Theater in 1999. In the percussion field, he has many publishing credits including "The OMNI of Drum Technique" (1980), "TRAPS", A Rudimentary Approach (1982), and the more recent writings of rhythmic patterns and phrases for compositions, PolyRhythm Composer, "Phrasing", Duets (1990 - 1992) are included in the MIDI Computer Books category.

Sofia's numerous articles as a rhythm technique expert have also appeared in leading percussion periodicals. He also founded and published "Percussioner International" Audio Magazine and as a performer/instructor of drum set technique has presented international seminars on several continents. His composition "Music of Silence" (2000-'01) has been selected by the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) for Video Installation screening at the ICMC 2002 in Sweden.


To teach computer realized music composition through analysis and technical methodologies as well as New Media Arts with Interdisciplinary involvement for multimedia performance with video and theatrical installation art and/or dance. Even more so, my main educational object is to help the students understand and achieve their goals through today's technology by connecting with them in a positive way to unleash the essence that is within them to create what gives that unique spirit that makes their art meaningful to themselves and able to link with others.